They like me! They really like me!



Maybe you haven’t heard of the Liebster Award. I know I sure hadn’t. But when Single Guy in NYC nominated my blog for said award, I began to investigate.

It turns out, the award is a sort of “chain mail,” if you will, among bloggers. So I brushed it off. But then I thought, what a thoughtful and wonderful thing to be recognized and nominated, regardless of the prestige of the award. Plus, it’s always nice to be liked, and to connect to some new friends in the blogosphere!

So I’d like to begin by saying thank you to Single Guy in NYC, who is my male counterpart in many ways, and writes a clever and quippy blog about being single in New York. Boy, and I thought I had it rough in Baltimore! Thanks for the nomination, and for your insight into the male  mindset!

Now, it seems after thanking your nominator and linking to their blog, the next step of receiving such an award is to list 11 random things about yourself. So here you go:

  1. I have pet the largest horse in the world
  2. I was an extra in a Hulu television show
  3. I’m a first generation American (on my dad’s side, at least)
  4. I own a lot of tv series. Off the top of my head: Gillmore Girls, Entourage, Friends, Desperate Housewives, Newsroom, Sex and the City
  5. I don’t really like chocolate, but I’ll have a little bit every now and then
  6. I can tie a tie on myself, or on someone else (at least, I used to be able to do it backwards)
  7. I can do my full face of make-up in under 5 minutes
  8. I have attended schools on three different continents
  9. I like to go to weird festivals. I’ve been to a cranberry festival, a pizza festival, and a chicken festival (and probably others, too)
  10. I bought a PlayStation in college for the sole purpose of getting really amazing at Guitar Hero. And I did.
  11. I have a shot glass collection with at least 100 shot glasses

Annnnd the next two steps of said award are answering Single Guy in NYC’s questions, and then coming up with 11 of my own questions for my nominees. So here are my answers to SG… thanks for the super embarrassing questions!

  1. If you were a lofty emperor/empress of a foreign land, what wacky and frivolous law would you enact to keep yourself entertained? Well I’ve been very entertained with the antiquated language of the South African courts during the Pistorius trial, so I’d probably make everyone call each other “m’lady” or “m’lord.”
  2. Boxers or briefs? For who? Sometimes I wear boxers to bed, so does that answer the question?
  3. What did your last received text message say? “huh that’s really weird.”
  4. Top or bottom? I assume we’re talking about sleeping in bunk beds, and I’m going to say bottom bunk.
  5. What’s the one song that describes you best? Hmm I’ve never actually thought about that. A friend once told me the song “Perfect Girl” by JB and the Moonshine Band described me, so I’ll go with that
  6. Name a political figure you hate. I don’t like to HATE anyone, but it seems like every time Lindsey Graham shows up on tv, I end up yelling at the news. So I’ll say him.
  7. Do you speak more than one language? No. But I can understand Spanish more or less.
  8. What’s your top 5 movies (in no particular order)? Oy, that’s hard. Inception, Mean Girls, Italian Job, Zoolander, Rent
  9. What’s your favorite physical quality in the opposite sex (or same sex)? A nice and welcoming smile says a lot.
  10. What’s your favorite personal characteristic in the opposite sex (or same sex)? Humor. Someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously, but who can also turn that off and get down to brass tacks.
  11. What’s the cutest thing anyone has ever done or said to you? A good friend of mine wrote me poetry in high school.

My questions for my nominees are:

  1. What’s the nicest thing you’ve ever done for someone else?
  2. What makes you feel special?
  3. Do you collect anything? If so, what?
  4. Make a serious argument for why one day of the week is better than the rest.
  5. What’s the last text message you sent?
  6. What technology could you get rid of and not suffer too horribly?
  7. If you could visit anywhere, where would it be?
  8. What’s your worst dating story?
  9. What made you decide to write a blog?
  10. Honestly, what would you do if you found $50 on the sidewalk and had no clue where it came from?
  11. Craft the most perfect, delicious, wonderful Starbucks beverage here.

And my nominees for the Liebster Award are:

  1. Cara from Charm City Magic
  2. Ann St. Vincent, always an enthusiastic and regular reader (thanks so much!)
  3. Sex and the City of Light
  4. Paul Thomas Bell
  5. Clarissa from You’re Just a Dumb Ass
  6. Stupid Cupid

Thanks guys 🙂 Enjoy!!

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2 thoughts on “They like me! They really like me!

  1. Thank you so much!! I will definitely respond when I can!

  2. […] huge thank you to Carin of Adventures in Online Dating who nominated me ages ago. As you know, my life went sideways in September. Then I […]

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