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So fresh and so clean

Finding a match online with a high compatibility percentage is all about the questions you answer. On OK Cupid, those questions range from super important, to completely asinine. And yet, all of these questions add up to how well matched you are with every man on online dating. You answer the question yourself, and then say which answers would be acceptable for your partner to say. If your partner answers these questions “wrong” (according to you), it brings down your online dating percentage.

When it comes to answering these online dating questions, there is one question that every man I’ve come across has marked my answer as inexcusable, undesirable, and all-around terrible. When I find a man whose match percentage is in the high 90s, I just know the thing holding us back from a perfect 100 isĀ this question, this horrible confession I have uncovered on my online dating profile. The red, blaring letters look back at me from the computer screen, screaming “unacceptable answer!” No man wants a woman who answers this question in this manner. This question with an incredibly high level of importance. So awful is my answer that I haveĀ never yet found a man who has viewed my answer as even slightly satisfactory.

Well!? What is it?

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