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Don’t I Know You?

Online dating is awkward.  As the world’s most awkward person, I should know.  But there is one thing more awkward than the awkwardness of online dating.

Seeing someone you actually know on an online dating site.

Ohhh… so awkward. How awkward is it??

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Why don’t we….

You’ve done it!

You made it through the laborious communication process.  For weeks, you passed back and forth the internet’s equivalent of high school paper football notes.  Your heart gets that little flutter when you see their name pop into your inbox, telling you the Mr. Match.com sent you a new message.

You’ve spent hours carefully crafting communication, diligently detailing the deepest depths of your desires.  You know all about his favorite movies and music.  You’ve compared notes on your educational backgrounds, family values, political and religious beliefs.  This guy is checking off the boxes one by one.  And then he asks you out!!!  Oh em gee. Tell me more, tell me more!

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The simplest of greetings

I have paid to be on both e-harmony and match.  I really like it (I mean, not the paying part…) because everyone I talk to has shelled out a pretty significant amount of money to be on e-harmony and match, so I assume there’s a certain amount of commitment and seriousness to the dating cause here.  And also I know these people probably have some sort of career or way to make money.  Hopefully.

But earlier this week I decided to dive into OK Cupid.  Oh… boy. Check Out The Rest!

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