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The Bourne Confusion

I’m a very private person (says the woman writing the blog for all the Internet to see). I don’t want men to know anything about me. I mean, I’m practically auditioning for the next Bourne movie. There were those movies with Matt Damon, and then the one with that other guy.. they’re going to keep making these movies and — eventually — they’re going to come around to me. I mean, there’s only so many people in the world willing to be in a Bourne movie. I’m liking my odds.

The point of the matter is, I don’t like men to know anything about me, which is great when you’re doing online dating. I can tell them I live somewhere different than I really live. I can tell them a completely fake name (since it’s just a username anyway). I mean, I won’t let just anybody be my Facebook friend and that’s not even people I’m trying to date. When I was an intern on a popular radio morning show in Baltimore, I got tons of Facebook friend requests. While the other interns and DJs would accept anyone who clicked the “Add Friend” button, I accepted none of them. To be my “Friend,” you have to go through a very rigorous two step process. Continue reading

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I See You

I can only imagine the rise of online dating came about because meeting people is impossible today.  My friends in significant, long-term relationships right now have met their man/woman in three ways:

  1. In school.  Now, this could be high school, college, grad school… but it just has to be school.  They could have met each other in an academic/social club or in a class.  Maybe at the library.  Really, just on a campus of some sort.
  2. Their friends introduced them.  Now usually this means they were friends with someone who was friends with their boy/girlfriend-to-be, and both parties met at a… well… party.  They hit it off.  Sparks flew.  You know the rest.
  3. Somewhere totally fucking random.  Usually bars.  I know one couple that met in line at Subway.  I have a friend who met his current girlfriend at (as I understand it) a transvestite parade.  Seriously.

So if you’ve graduated from school, have already begged your friends to set you up (and come up short), and you’re not prepared to find your straight mate at a gay club… where do you  meet people? Don’t stop there! Keep reading…

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