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It’s All About Me

I spent a lot of time on this blog analyzing online dating, analyzing the men who I come across on these sites and the messages they send me. But what about me?

I decided to do something a little different for this post and examine how exactly I went about putting together my online dating profile. Why I decided to write what I wrote, (specifically in the “text” portion, i.e. hopefully it’s obvious that I listed by height as my actual height, and my religion as my actual religion, etc.), how I chose what pictures to post, etc. Because trust me, a lot of thought actually went into these decisions. All joking aside, I joined online dating in hopes of legitimately finding someone to spend my life with and I am still looking. This blog was just a happy accident and a fun side project.

So maybe, once we dive in, you’ll have some better insight into why I’m so miserably unsuccessful.

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I See You

I can only imagine the rise of online dating came about because meeting people is impossible today.  My friends in significant, long-term relationships right now have met their man/woman in three ways:

  1. In school.  Now, this could be high school, college, grad school… but it just has to be school.  They could have met each other in an academic/social club or in a class.  Maybe at the library.  Really, just on a campus of some sort.
  2. Their friends introduced them.  Now usually this means they were friends with someone who was friends with their boy/girlfriend-to-be, and both parties met at a… well… party.  They hit it off.  Sparks flew.  You know the rest.
  3. Somewhere totally fucking random.  Usually bars.  I know one couple that met in line at Subway.  I have a friend who met his current girlfriend at (as I understand it) a transvestite parade.  Seriously.

So if you’ve graduated from school, have already begged your friends to set you up (and come up short), and you’re not prepared to find your straight mate at a gay club… where do you  meet people? Don’t stop there! Keep reading…

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